Spiritual Readings

I offer a range of spiritual counselling services including:

Academy, Workshops & Training

On-line and in person learning opportunities for those interested in expanding their knowledge and experience. 

Visit the Enchanted Moon Academy website for further details:

Ceremonies & Rituals

Need an experienced ritualist to create or conduct a rite? I am available for Handfastings, Namings, Blessings and other sacred rites. 

Email me for details:

Moon Circles

Held on the first Monday of each month, we come together to celebrate and knowledge the healing and uplifting magick of each month through wisdom sharing, meditation, healing, oracle work and enchantments. 

Form more information visit:

Pagan Moot

The Reading Pagan Community, Moots & Events holds it's monthly moot (a social gathering for Pagans of all paths, or those interested in learning more about modern Paganism), on the first Saturday of each month at the Oakford Social Club in the town of Reading, Berkshire. 

Please visit our Facebook group for more info: 

Mystical Parties

Fancy holding a party or event with a difference? Gather a group of friends at your own home or venue, and let us enchant you with a range of mystical and magically entertaining short talks, demonstrations, services and wares.

Email me to discuss requirements & details: