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Mystery Book Bundle

Mystery book bundle includes:

£13.99 incl. P&P

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Mystery bundle includes a new, full length craft/pagan/magick related book.

High quality, hand blended inclense mixture.

Genuine, ethically sourced crystal between 20 - 30 mm in size. Can be tumbled or natural.

Example of the kind of additional mystery gift that will be included. Worth at least £4.99.

Mystery Pouch

Treat yourself to a lovely and magickal surprise by ordering one of my mystery pouches (or two!) - each beautiful little velvet drawstring pouch is packed full of goodies worth more that £10 (before P&P) when sold separately. 

Content varies, but may include: herbal tea blend, loose incense, tumbled stone or natural crystal, pendant, charm, key ring or similar.

£5.99 incl. P&P

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This is a mystery bag - so please don't request specific items. 

Example of the sort of contents that goes into each pouch.

Incense blends are all created from 100% natural, organic ingredients by myself.

The pouch will contain at least one crystal - either tumbled or natural, and between 15 - 30mm.

I will make sure to include either a pendant, lucky charm, magical amulet, key ring or similar item.

Fragrant Goddess 

Decorate felt goddess fragranced with natural oils to perfume your wardrobe, closet, draws, room , car or anywhere else you wish to place her. Comes with a metal key fob style hoop for those who would like to use it as an embellishment to a bag or set of keys etc.

 £8.99 incl. P&P

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Witch's Hats

Fun little, felt witch's hats that come scented with a range of different aromas to sweeten the air and add a touch of magick to your home or car.

£8.99 incl. P&P

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Black Magick

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Midnight Mystery

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Enchanted Forest

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 Crone's Delight

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Mini Magick Box

It may be small, but the contents of this little box packs a magickal punch. Perfect for those who like their ritual and magick simple and straight to the point.  

Suitable for any magickal working or ritual, this sweet little purple wooden box contains:

The kit does not come with any instructions, as it is meant for use as a generic tool, suitable for any need. 

£14.99 incl. P&P

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Box with complete set of contents.

Incense blend and charcoal disk.

Anointing oil.

Set of four crystals: clear quartz, green calcite, sodalite & red jasper.

Seashell Pot

A useful little tin to put your bits & bobs in - from storing loose incense to keeping your rings safe, comes with a lid to keep your items safe inside. Decorated with real seashells around the base and a glass shell on the lid.

Tin measurements: 60 mm across and 25 mm deep

£12.99 incl. P&P - only one in stock.

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Magick Pen

Fun, wand style pen decorated with faceted acrylic stone. Black ink pall point. Great for writing up notes in your magick journal!

£4.99 incl. P&P

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